In Umbria for more than 35 years

Margiò Artisan Fresh Pasta means quality and freshness. In order to produce our high-quality products we chose the best durum wheat flours on the market according to our most renowned Italian tradition...

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Pasta for everyone

Margiò is active in Umbria for more than 35 years and its name means high-quality products and freshness. We personally choose the best durum wheat flours on the market, the freshest eggs and we process our products using a hot-and-cold-air drying system allowing us to produce dry pasta with a unique flavour which recalls the taste of the artisan pasta made by our grandmothers. Our attention for quality is expressed by our packaging and labels as well. The materials we use represent the perfect conclusion in a production cycle in which the manual skills enhance our artisan work. We believe that every family, sitting around a table and eating all together should experience every meal as a unique reunion.

Fresh as if you made it at home

Making artisan fresh pasta at home, it surely is the best way to taste delicious food, but not everybody has the time or the skills needed to make it. That is why our company offers the chance to taste delicious Italian specialties ensuring their high quality and their freshness. Pasta is a delicacy from the Italian tradition, and it tastes like the sunday lunch with all the family. Today, we carry on these traditions offering a wide range of specialties for every taste, wrapped in a fine packaging.

A unique first course

Our artisan pasta offers always the chance to put on your table a number of tasty and nutritious first courses, perfect with any hand-made sauce of your choice. For those willing to strike the eyes of their guest, we also offer a wide range of colored pasta. Everybody has his personal taste, even about pasta, that`s why we offer a wide selection of products suggested in many different types.